Butterfly Collector Vases and Jewel Trays


Option 1: SOLD OUT
Bud Vase Single $135
This butterfly design on front and back with our signature black and white etched in rose design on the sides.
Each piece is a hand made, numbered edition with hand painted brush strokes to make it truly your own.
Dimensions: 17 h x 8 w x 4 d cm

Option 2: $165 SOLD OUT
Butterfly bud vase AND butterfly jewel tray set.
Butterfly bud vase as described above with a butterfly jewel tray (x1 tray)
Jewel tray Dimensions: 2 h x 8 d cm

Option 3: $140.
Set of x3 Butterfly jewel trays as pictured $140.
Dimensions: 2 h x 8 d cm each