Iggy & Lou Lou
$150.00 - $220.00

Floral jewels & Anchor cameos - Use the SELECT OPTION drop down menu to choose From $150

Our jewels are handmade, glazed and kiln fired with sterling silver or 9ct gold fastenings and chains. These pieces have survived the intense heat of the fiery furnace, the blend of earth and fire - a symbol of survival against all odds.
Our clay is mixed with quartz which gives the ceramic body extra strength, silky sheen and a warm, elegant tone.

We've been making jewels along with our vessels for 20 yrs and they've become personal treasures to collectors, artists and style icons across the globe. All your Iggy & Lou Lou jewels are handmade so no two are the same to make them truly your own.

These latest pieces are part of the Gardens & The Sea collection incorporating antique and vintage ceramic decals from Irene’s personal collection.

The collection spans 20yrs of collecting and includes some decals that date back to 1900s. Little pieces of history within each decal, with only a handful of some and a page of others so designs will sell out at random.

Ten different floral patterns to choose and collect with each holding a little piece of ceramic history passed on to you to keep forever. Use the SELECT OPTION drop down to choose your favourites from 2 separate categories - Small/medium or large. All measurements included in drop down.